Buy/Give a share

We still need your dough! Capital costs for equipping and maintaining our bakery are significant and our running costs are also high. Your investment will provide us the long term ‘patient capital’ we require to make the business profitable and help develop the social goals. We continue to fund raise for equipment like retarders, racks, mixers, proving baskets, EPOS-enabled tills, and a new laptop. And now we need to limewash the building, before it becomes a really expensive job.

So invest now!

How to invest

Select the amount and click “Pay now” but contact us if you would like to make a larger investment (> £500). Alternatively make a donation instead £1-£500, which helps us keep our admin costs down. Once we receive the completed form, we will send you an e-mail confirming that the shares have been registered in your name or your chosen beneficiary. We will then send another email or letter to this person to inform them of your generous gift. Please let us know if you want us to delay sending this email to a particular date. A share certificate will be sent to the new shareholder at his/her postal address in due course. You or your beneficiary will receive occasional shareholder updates from the Management Committee by e-mail when they are issued.

Will you get your money back?

We believe the bakery will be trading profitably within three years. Shareholders will then be offered an opportunity to withdraw capital. However, any cash withdrawals will be at the discretion of the Management Committee at the time.

Please regard your financial contribution to Dunbar Community Bakery as a social investment. Shareholders should not expect to make a financial gain, as they might do by purchasing shares on the stock market. If the bakery fails to become profitable, investors may lose all or part of their money.

We do not expect to distribute profits to shareholders in the form of dividends. All profits will be reinvested in the bakery and charitable activities that benefit the local community. However, shareholders do receive a 10% discount on purchases made at the bakery.

Dunbar Community Bakery Share Scheme

We need some details from you, including whether you would like to gift your shares. Only invest what you can afford to lose.
  • Share Purchaser Section

    That's you, whether you intend to own or gift all or part of the shares. This step is compulsory. You may gift all or part of your shares.
  • Full name (to help us tie this in with the Paypal transaction)
  • In case we need to check anything
  • Share Owner Section

  • We will need this for legal assignment of the shares. This should be the same as above.