Every culture around the globe has been making and eating bread for thousands of years. It was a communal affair, sharing bread, bringing the community together. In today’s world, we have lost our way and the high street bakery is almost a thing of the past, modern techniques have stripped our bread of life. However, there is a movement to address this – the artisan baker.

At Dunbar Community Bakery, we want to put the heart back into the loaf and the community. We bake high quality sourdough and yeasted breads as well as everyday baked goods, including sausage rolls, pies, cakes and patisserie.

We use the best ingredients and traditional, time-tested recipes. Our bakery team are busy up to 18 hours a day to give our customers fresh bread and cakes. Our sourdoughs are slow fermented using natural yeast; some are risen over longer timescales to give texture, add flavour and prolong shelf life naturally.

As far as possible, we work in partnership with local growers and food producers to provide us with good quality ingredients.

The bakery will be adding to its repertoire every month, so keep coming in as there is bound to be something new to try.