Our Ethos

Progressively we hope to make even more of our breads using sourdough cultures, giving that unique flavour and texture.

Here at The Dunbar Community Bakery we believe in making high quality bread and pâtisserie. We are using only the best ingredients and traditional time tested recipes often with a modern twist. Not only that we are adding to our repertoire every month.

We also hope to work closely in partnership with growers and mills to provide us with fine flours and when we can rarer and heritage type grains, and in the fullness of time grow wheat locally.

So far, the Bakery is in operation 24 hours a day. Around 12pm, our day shift make our sponges and sours for the night shift. Night shift starts between 8pm and 10pm and work until 6pm. During the night shift, the flour is added to our starters, the bread is hand-moulded then baked in our ovens.

Our current product range is:

White/Brown Tin

White Bloomer – standard crusty white loaf

Pain De Campagne (10% wholemeal) – country sourdough

Polish (20% rye) – yeasted sourdough

40% rye with caraway seeds – sourdough

Sesame (10% wholemeal) – sourdough

White Sourdough Baguettes

100% rye – sourdough (wheat free!)