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Who owns Dunbar Community Bakery Ltd?

We are owned by over 840 shareholders, mostly local people who live in Dunbar and the surrounding area with a handful of supporters in far flung places. The public can still buy shares in the bakery (or give us a donation.)  This helps us continue to invest in equipment, which works up to 18 hours a day, 5-6 days a week all year round.

Who runs Dunbar Community Bakery Ltd

DCB Ltd is a community benefit co-op and a registered as Industrial and Provident Society and authorised by the FCA. There is a Management Committee, which can have up to 15 members, which are elected by shareholders at the AGM. The Committee members bring knowledge and experience from other occupations and businesses and give their time completely free to Dunbar Community Bakery in a volunteer capacity.  We are immensely grateful to past and present members for their generous help, advice and practical support.

Who bakes the bread then?

Our current bakery team includes Colin McLellan, Paige Bisset, Nikolette Nemeth, Stella Mclellan and Callum Barson.

Did you get additional funding?

We raised over £60,000 as equity from shareholders to help finance the business. In addition, we received several grants and loans, including the EU Leader Fund, Investing in Ideas (Lottery), East Lothian Council. These sources of finance are also available to all other enterprises not just social enterprises. We have used the Community Jobs fund to part finance traineeships. We do not receive any subsidy towards the day to day running costs of the bakery. We have taken out commercial loans to help establish the business from the Co-op (ICOF).

Quality not quantity?

We are an artisan bakery – that means that we bake in the traditional way. We only use top quality ingredients. Wherever possible, these are sourced locally. We do not use packet mixes for our breads and cakes, no artificial additives, nor magic improvers. Our bakers are extremely skilled and make all of our products by hand mainly using slow fermentation and sough dough starters or very small quantities of yeast. The production techniques used by many other bakeries and supermarkets involve short cuts and add artificial ingredients to make their products cheaper and faster to produce.

Not cheap then?

Since 2012 we have focused on providing higher quality products. Our prices reflect the cost of making top quality products by hand with wholesome natural ingredients, but prices of ingredients are going up. However, our artisan bakery and patisserie is competitively priced compared to Edinburgh or North Berwick, and we bake a daily range of delicious products at very affordable prices too – accessible to all pockets – without compromising on quality.

Are you in the money?

We are a new business – we only opened on 6 October 2011 and made a small profit in 2013, a year ahead of expectations. We hope to generate a sustainable profits in the longer term. But unlike other businesses, our profit will be ploughed back into the community, training even more young people, working with the local schools and investing in other local food initiatives. None of the profit  from this community-owned business will be distributed to shareholders – our profit is for the benefit of the community not individuals. Shareholders are already entitled to a generous 10% discount on all goods purchased from Dunbar Community Bakery, but we find that many don’t take advantage of this! We are grateful for their continuing support.

Like a family business we work all hours to try and make it all work out, but we have a remarkable and unusually large extended family who support us. Thank you.

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