Our staff

The Dunbar Community Bakery team:

Bakery Manager – Colin Mclellan has been in the baking profession since he left school. He formerly owned and ran Stella’s Bakery on the High Street with his wife, since taking over management of the Community Bakery he has turned things around, introducing new products and creating a great team spirit with staff members

Manager – Stella Mclellan – Manages the shop alongside Colin and also creates our very popular quiches and cheesecakes.

Our Friendly Front of House Team made up of Tegan Wood, Joan Ashley, Emma Marriot, Danielle Binnie and Kyle Mackie are always happy to help our customers and answer any questions/requests.

Dunbar Community Bakery is overseen by a volunteer Management Committee .

We also rely on many other volunteers who undertake our morning deliveries, staff market stalls at weekends and so much more … we are much indebted to them. If you are interested in volunteering please email shop@dunbarcommunitybakery.co.uk