Real Bread

Our Breads

has nothing to hide

At Dunbar Community Bakery, our bread is made from  natural ingredients; just flour, water, salt and a touch of yeast that makes a simple loaf.

has no unwanted additives to give the bread longer shelf life, no flour improvers or chemical leaveners with unpronounceable names

contains natural ingredients

At Dunbar Community Bakery, we add other ingredients to produce different loaves – nuts, seeds, dried fruits; all natural, all good for you.

is made from a living organism

At Dunbar Community Bakery, we use a sourdough starter that is made from flour and water. Over several days, this paste starts to ferment with the help of naturally occurring yeasts. We use this starter in all our sourdough breads and is what gives our loaves their distinctive taste.

is full of flavour

At Dunbar Community Bakery it’s our sourdough starter that gives our breads a fantastic taste and its open texture with a crispy crust.

is good for you

At Dunbar Community Bakery, we take our time. Our breads are slowly risen, letting the yeasts work their magic; making it easier to digest, keeping you fuller for longer and reduces bloating. We use less salt but not to the detriment of flavour.