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Thanks to celebrity Master Chefs many young people aspire to become chefs but becoming a Baker is not such a popular option. We want to change that and we think our Apprenticeship Scheme is the way forward.

What do we offer?

We have capacity to train 3 young people aged between 16 and 25 in bakery production and retail/customer service skills

All our training is done onsite so travel costs are reduced. Our emphasis is on recruiting locally but of course we welcome applicants from the wider area too.

Our Head Baker, who has 40 years experience in the trade, and the Manager will work with Scottish Master Bakers to deliver a series of modules that build up to an NVQ qualification that the trainee has chosen.

We can take on a school leaver who will be funded by the Bakery and older trainees will be funded through the Government’s Kick Start programme which provides support for up to three years.

If you or someone you know is interested please email


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