Our Story

Why a community bakery

Because this Bakery is owned by the community and run to benefit the community.

We want to:

  • create local jobs and apprenticeships for young people
  • attract more customers to the High Street and make sure it continues to thrive
  • and last but not least …
  • keep our customers healthy and happy with freshly baked bread, cakes and savouries

The Story so Far

When Smiths, the last of Dunbar’s traditional bakers, closed in 2008 it seemed like the end of an era and was certainly a great loss to the High Street. But before long some members of Sustaining Dunbar began to explore the idea of a community bakery and find out how they could make this happen.

Community spirit is a powerful force in Dunbar and thanks to the energy, commitment and generosity of the town’s people the Dunbar Community Bakery opened for trade in October 2011.

Since then we’ve learned lessons and built on our strengths. The Bakery now employs 6 full time members of staff supported by 4 part time assistants and 5 Management Committee members.

Before the pandemic our annual turnover had reached almost £250,000.