The Apprentice’s Story

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Working with young people has always been an important part of what we do and over the years around 25 trainees and assistants have gained skills in retail and bakery production.

Meet Caitlin our latest trainee.

I was born in Dunbar and have good memories of the community here. As a youngster going out on the boats was one of my high spots.

I never thought of becoming a baker until lockdown. Even though I’ve got lots of energy I found that holding down three jobs was wearing me down but I couldn’t afford to stop.

Then a friend, who knew Colin & Stella and the Bakery, suggested I get in touch as they were looking for an extra pair of hands. Colin asked me to work a trial shift and it just felt right. Mixing all the ingredients and working with my hands was really satisfying and it’s a very skilful job. There are so many things to learn but I really want to get it right.

We have not had the resources to deliver accredited apprenticeships but if the community can take ownership of the premises we will invest the rent in supporting young people into new careers.

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